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Hi, I'm Rochelle, the founder of Nila Botanics.

You'll find me all over Instagram and TikTok because I am so pasionate about my brand!

After having my daughter, Willow I experienced some early motherhood challenges, including the loss of hair. I also had the joy of low milk supply, so supplements were not something I was looking to take - if you know, then you know!

After researching ways to help my hair grow strong, I was reminded of the time when my grandmother used oil my hair to help cultivate strong and long hair.

After spending months doing research into different ingredients, the Bloom Hair Vitality Oil was created and the rest, as they say, is history.

I also studied Ayurveda and each one of our products have been carefully created using the purest plant-based ingredients found growing in abundance on the most beautiful parts of the earth.

I can promise you that we only use organic and wildcrafted ingredients, to ensure the products we bring to you are wholesome, pure and potent.

Thank you for including Nila Botanics in your self-care, I am forever grateful.

Love, Rochelle x